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[sticky post]Tokyo Encounter Eng subs
Here's the sticky post with all of the Tokyo Encounter English subbed episodes in one place, and in linear order.


Newest episode: 43
I hope you like references.Collapse )

The Nana Mizuki Part 1 episode doesn't download/play.

Yes it does, but thanks for your input.

hontou ni arigatou gozaimasu

hontou ni arigatou gozaimasu

you really catch up with the current raw episodes

the only 2 that still raw are ep39&40 (guest Hocchan)

again, hontou ni arigatou gozaimasu

keep a good job

and, it seem for next month new ep41&42 the guest is Shimono Hiro (again)

Thank you so much for this!!


ep39 up! Hocchan KITAAAAA!!!

hayai ne, omae :)


keep a good works.

i hope they make more video, i really enjoyed this show

can i share this link page to my group? our fb group is dedicated for seiyuu lover. i just wanna attach this page link, not download so they can see what you wrote too
thank you

Thank you

I really appreciate you subbing all the eps(40) so far.

I love suigta and nakamura's chemistry.

Thanks for translating these!

I have a question if I may. Is episode 40 the last episode? I tried googling for episodes after 40 but there doesn't seem to be any. Not trying to rush you to translate or anything :) Just sad that the show might be ended, though there don't seem to be any such hints when I was watching episode 40.

Hi! Thanks for your comment. Yes, the series is continuing, in Nakamura's words, at a "very random pace". Ep 41 is going up soon.

Thanks for all the hard work!
what's that music for the OP of dai-tokyo encounter episode? do you think it's an actual song, or made only for the show?

Thank you so so so so much for this! I appreciate all the effort you guys have put into subbing this series.

Many blessings. :)

THANK YOU SO MUCH ;A;! can't wait to see Shimono hiro's new episodes ;^; <3

post- short ver.

Hi this has been bugging me for a while now but the short version of the post says the latest episode is 39 but it's actually 40 (took me 2 weeks to realize the video was already up)....

Hi! Yup, just my slack. If you want to know when the newest eps are up the second they're up, you can follow my tumblr: bakuhatsubutsu.tumblr.com.

Thank you so much!!! Are you gonna upload Shimono Hiro's episodes soon please cause I've been waiting for it thks again :3

Edited at 2016-05-23 06:20 pm (UTC)

Thank yooou

Hi, thank you so much for translating. Both of them are sooo hillarious

I wonder... is there ep. 41? If there were, do you plan to translated it?

Thank You.

I thank you on tumblr and I will thank you again here. Keep up the good work. Arigatou gozaimasu.