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[sticky post]Tokyo Encounter Eng subs
Here's the sticky post with all of the Tokyo Encounter English subbed episodes in one place, and in linear order.


Newest episode: 43

  season 1

ep 1

In the pilot, Sugita is so excited he's literally jumping up and down, and it takes all of Nakamura's effort just to keep up with him, but after being made to reveal what game girls they would like to have as girlfriends, Sugita decides to never answer a question honestly again.

ep 2
This episode features Mini Zombies, a version of King of Fighters with no fighting and populated almost exclusively by Mafia Kajita, and shows that the writers for SNK games are quite possibly trolls.

ep 3
In this episode: we see the boys' skills in wooing digital girls, and learn what it is they really like about each other.

ep 4
In this episode, Sugita seems to believe that Nakamura could actually damage the wall of their pretend house with his bare hands in his rage (I wouldn't take the risk either!), Sugita attempts to make himself an enemy of Sega, and the staff decides to test the strength of the pair's mental link.

ep 5 (guest Kaji Yuuki)
In this episode: a very noisy game of Left 4 Dead 2, Nakamura falls off the stage in every game in which it is physically possible, and Sugita reflects on Nakamura's short-lived compassion towards him during the last zombie apocalypse.

ep 6 (guest Kaji Yuuki)
In this episode: What Yuutan really thinks of his hosts, the MOST ANNOYING PS1 game of all time, and Sugita and U1's incredibly impressive game of charades.

ep 7 (guest Sakurai Takahiro)
In this episode: the boys remember their middle school days, Sugita encourages Sakupyon to approach a wild animal, with bad results; and the three try out their impersonations of a famous sempai.

ep 8 (guest Sakurai Takahiro)
In this episode, Sakupyon and U1 make it their mission to kill Sugita in Saints Row, even when that's not the objective; the three swear a lot while playing a futuristic 90s racing game, and I am amazed by Sugita's ability to remember slogans over 50 years old.

ep 9 (guest Okiayu Ryotarou)
In this episode, guest Okiayu-san loses at fighter games, but wins at starring in fighter games; Sugita comes up with some very creative (and psycotic) solutions to scenarios in Okki-san's life, and at least one staff member REALLY enjoys their game of musical chairs.

ep 10(guest Okiayu Ryotarou)
In this episode, Yuukyan clearly enjoys seeing other people lose at video games, Sugita is constantly berated by his husbando for making jokes, and Okki-san politely accepts the foolishness going on around him.

ep 11 (guests Koshimizu Ami & Sanpei Yuko)
In this episode, Sugita shows he knows how to talk to girls by coming up behind them and yelling really loud, Nakamura refuses to admit he didn't win even when it's a tie, and the girls prove themselves better conversation partners than they are players.

ep 12 (guests Koshimizu Ami & Sanpei Yuko)
In this episode, the girls try a game they could never beat when they were kids, the four do their summer homework assignments, and Sugita shows even more of his skills dealing with girls by telling them disgusting stories while Nakamura just becomes increasingly mean to them the more he loses. Also included in this ep, the boys play their classic game of "te-oshi", wherein Sugita tries to show his partner all of his skillful "hand-push" techniques, but unfortunately for him, Nakamura would probably just push him down the stairs if he thought that was the way to win.

ep 13 (guest Shimono Hiro)
In this episode, guest Shimono-san (as always) finds himself in the position of being abused by his hosts, the three reflect on becoming middle-aged, and Sugita examines their guest to learn how a "normal" 30-year-old danshi seiyuu spends his life.

ep 14 (guest Shimono Hiro)
In this episode's Yuukyan has trouble admitting he's lost the challenges, and the pair and their guest have a quiet, pleasant conversation, the subject of which turns to kancho.

ep 15 (guest Yuuki Aoi)
In this episode, guest Yuuki-san maintains the high level of sophistication and politeness for which the show is known, Yuukyan's rage helps him play Mario Party for the first time ever, and Sugita seems to have trouble knowing what to do with himself next to their cute young guest.

ep 16 (guest Yuuki Aoi)
In this episode, the hosts feel increasingly old next to their absurdly young guest, Sugita blows his chance to win the challenge; and the three play Left 4 Dead in an even noisier fashion than the last time they played it.

ep 17
Without any guests in this episode, the two hosts have to tease each other directly; Yuukyan has trouble letting anyone else touch his Saint Seiya toys, and Sugita very subtly criticises America while they play a game that very loudly criticizes America.

ep 18
In this episode, the boys play a baseball game with very little baseball in it, and Sugita subjects Nakamura to a game focused on the deeply complex and difficult relationships between young men and women – that is, another dating sim.

ep 19
The boys play a game with Sugita's personal memory card, before using which one should probably sign a waver of some kind, and cram more obscure references into 25mins than AT-X could do in 25 years of quality programming.

ep 20
In this episode Sugita, to no one’s surprise, brings up both Naoji and Cousin Kazuyuki, while Nakamura gets waaay too into a game that surely does not deserve as much of his energy.

ep 21 (guest Eguchi Takuya)
In this episode, Sugita makes a phone call to himself (as one does), Nakamura continues to refine his “grumpy-happy” expression, and the pair exposes guest Eguchi Takuya to enough musclemen in thongs to probably traumatize him for life.

ep 22 (guest Eguchi Takuya)
In this episode, Nakamura finally actually has a reason to be angry that he didn’t win, the box challenges are even more obscure, and guest Eguchi easily keeps up with his hosts, which is an accomplishment, of sorts.

ep 23 (guest Mizuki Nana)
In this episode, the hosts continue their streak of traumatising guests, this time with Mizuki Nana as their victim, as they tease her mercilessly for being talented and successful – but they do make up for it by helping her come up with some new, if only slightly obscene, lyrics for her music.

ep 24 (guest Mizuki Nana)
In this last episode of season one, guest Mizuki Nana continues to get teased as they play a game that requires the three of them to get particularly close to each other, and then the boys test their listening skills, and pick some new video game waifus.

Die Tokyo Encounter Special
This hour-long special episode aired between the two season, and includes a section called the "Tokyo Encounter Big Chronology" which explores the lives of the two hosts since birth all the way to the current day. Look forward to twice the amount of games, twice the dirty jokes, twice the ludicrous box challenges, and a message from a very special guest to top it all off!

season 2

ep 25
It’s the first episode of season two, with new OP, new jerseys and new segments. For the first episode, the hosts try to find a system they’ve never tried before, they write a different version of Sazae-san and her adventures, and they play a “cute” game...which, we know by now, means it is anything but “cute”!

ep 26
In this episode, the hosts explore what their lives would be like in an alternate universe where they had made different career choices (and were made of pixels), they attempt to explore the history of their favourite genre of games, and then become heroes.

ep 27 (guest Sakurai Takahiro)
Guest Sakurai Takahiro returns for more punishment in this episode, so the three players flop around in Little Big Planet, and play an arcade game that allows Sugita to showcase his...hidden moveset.

ep 28 (guest Sakurai Takahiro)
In Sakurai's second episode, literally everything works out perfectly for Nakamura, there’s a come-from-behind win, and it turns out that games that seemed standard when you were seven years old may not be so easy to play when you’re 35.

ep 29 (guest Miyano Mamoru)
In this episode, guest Miyano Mamoru comes home to visit the group of weirdos with TV cameras squatting in his house, the three play a party game that would be just too depressing with just two, and they manage to get some decent gaming done despite laughing their heads off the entire time.

ep 30 (guest Miyano Mamoru)
In his second episode, guest Mamo shows off his comedy skills, dazzles his two hosts at the Hot-blooded sports festival, and then sics piranhas on them to clinch his victory.

ep 30.5 GAIDEN (guest Miyano Mamoru)
In his third appearance, the hosts explore Mamo’s chronology to find out the unique path through showbiz, from childhood TV appearances to a relationship with a certain Keyblade Wielder that he just can’t seem to shake, that led him to where he is today – seated between two video game-playing nerds.

ep 31 (guest Uesaka Sumire)
In this episode, Sugita again shows off his skills impressing girls by speaking to guest Uesaka Sumire in weird voices, while setting about ruining the reputation of his seiyuu friends, and occasionally making a meagre attempt at playing video games.

ep 32 (guest Uesaka Sumire)
This time, the hosts explore a few of Uesaka’s favourite games, play a few very strange classic games, while their guest probably considers whether or not the publicity is worth it.

ep 33
In this episode, with no guests to restrain themselves around the hosts’ conversation immediately turns to innuendo, while they become the irresponsible pet owners, and save the city from destruction one screw at a time.

ep 34
In this episode, the hosts customize their own player characters, with the results to be expected, Nakamura struggles in a fight because he’s distracted by Sugita’s “front tail”, and the two become irresponsible parents to a clueless prehistorical man.

ep 35 (guest Okamoto Nobuhiko)
With guest Okamoto Nobuhiko, the three play a game that is, to their surprise, less than 20 years old, they defeat a boss using less-than heroic tactics, and Nakamura really doesn’t want to watch Sugita go on a date with someone else, fictional or otherwise.

ep 36 (guest Okamoto Nobuhiko)
In his second episode, guest Nobu brings an “analog” game to play, and then they play one of those games that everyone makes fun of Japan for making, until they get bored of the actual objective and just make up their own.

ep 37 (guest Sakaguchi Daisuke)
With guest Sakaguchi Daisuke, the hosts play their usual fighter games, reminisce about their pasts, and then get stuck in an infinite time-loop where they are forced to relive their failures over and over again.

ep 38 (guest Sakaguchi Daisuke)
This time, following the theme of “bringing honour to your past self”, and having clearly not learned their lesson last time, the hosts pull out the Family Trainer again to compete with guest Sakaguchi, who is quietly determined to annihilate them.

ep 39 (guest Horie Yui)
In this episode, the hosts are joined by the ultra-cute Horie Yui, who tries doing something no other guest has done so far: genuinely being nice! And Sugita gets what he’s most likely been asking for for Christmas for the last decade: two Nakamuras.

ep 40 (guest Horie Yui)
In Horie-san’s second episode, she joins the hosts in playing a miracle party game, and then enlists their help in taking down some monsters.

ep 41 (guest Shimono Hiro)
Despite being a veteran guest, Shimono Hiro does not manage to avoid teasing on his second visit; the three play yet another Street Fighter clone and are surprised yet again at how blatant a rip-off it is, and then Sugita and Nakamura try out the latest technology and react with dignified and respectful awe (or not).

ep 42 (guest Shimono Hiro)
In his second episode, Shimono tests his knowledge against his hosts in a pop-culture quiz, the three run around sticking vines to things, and then they play a co-op game that requires all three to work together, which clearly goes without a hitch.

ep 43 (guest Komatsu Mikako)
This episode keeps up Encounter’s reputation for having high production values, quality props and immaculate timing—well, maybe not, but guest Komatsu Mariko seems to enjoy herself anyway as they play as a trio and explore new territory.

Special thanks to ticky and Kebeh (aka bufonophobia28) and JustfansXXX, Vic (twitter @vsw1988), Linc (aka pokkori_a9), Mierin (aka mierin_sama), Adi, and Li for their help proofreading!

Catch me on tumblr if you have any questions or comments!

Seriously, thank you soooo much for these! Sugita is in my top five fav voice actors, and I adore Nakamura, too. These are hysterical and awesome. And you are awesome, too, for bringing them to us! Much love and appreciation to you for your time and effort. >.

Thank you~
I have way too much fun working on this show and I'm glad to see so many people are enjoying it~

*A* Thanks for subbing this show! Lol, I don't get anything they said without your subs...

this is great! OMG Thank you so much <3

Glad you like~

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Thank you soooooooooooooooooo much for this (*___________*) I really love this show, and I needed with subs (>___<)

Lol glad you like it. When I first watched the first ep I was laughing my head off--my family can vouch for me, they were all trying to sleep>

Thank you very much. These guys are hilarious, love them so much. :)

Glad you like it. I love them too, and I love how they are gamers and nerds like me^^

Thank you!

By any chance do you have episode 4?

Thank you THANK YOU so much for translating these! Hope you don't stop!

Wow, this is awesome! Thanks so much!

What happens in 9 and 10, do you have them? XDDDDD

Ep 9 & 10 are with guest Okiayu Ryotarou-san. I'm working on them now!

thanks a bunch yo

thanks a lot for the subs man, really appreciated it.
i am fan of sugita, and has been on the look out for tokyo encounter for quite some time.

OKKI-SAN < 333333
Thank you so much !

You're welcome. Yeah Okki-san is actually really entertaining. They could learn a thing or two about being good hosts from their sempai>

thank you so much for your work and sharing these episodes, I'm really happy to see them and also to have subs to understand, it's a double delight!!!

I'm glad to make you happy.


First of all thanks for the translation. This is awesome. Just to clarify in the episode 11 when Sugita and Nakamura says "BARItteru" they referenced Masami Obari, a famous animator and anime director who also made Gowcaizer. More of him could be read here

Thanks for the awesome job of subbing these episodes. I had no idea before that this show even existed and I really enjoyed what I found! ^^

Thanks so much for doing these. I will say though, is there any chance you'd do Yuuki Aoi's episodes (15 and 16) before Shimono Hino's? Or would you rather do them in order?


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